Reviver Santa Catarina Project

Reviver Santa Catarina Project

The Reviver Project is a partnership between the State Government of Santa Catarina, Fapesc and the Commission for Prevention and Combat Drugs of the State Legislative Assembly, with the objective of providing financial and technical support to the therapeutic institutions in the State of Santa Catarina.

Loeffa has developed the host management system to enable the sending and the verification of the data and documents necessary for the financing of the therapeutic institutions participating in the program. A platform was developed to check the daily presence of the host in the therapeutic communities, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the project. To this end, a facial recognition system was developed for checking and managing the presences and adverse events, and an application for the Android platform for use in the therapeutic community, for registration of the user’s presence.

Technologies used: Python, Django, Javascript, SQL, Android, Java.
Project executed in 2016.

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