VEG Contábil

VEG Contábil

VEG Contábil is a Consulting and Accounting Firm, with offices in Campinas (São José – SC) and Av. Paulista (São Paulo – SP). VEG has extensive experience in the business area, with specialized accounting staff for internet suppliers.

Loeffa has developed a complete communication project between the company and its clients, with Web System, Android App and iOS App, meeting the main needs of exchanging documents between the parties, with notifications of receipt by email and push notifications (for applications), and paycheck reminders for documents to be paid, as well as meeting appointments, job listings, and more.

Technologies used: nginx, Docker, WordPress, Python, Django, Javascript, SQL, Android, Java, iOS, Swift.
Project executed in the first half of 2018.

Aplicativo Android, Aplicativo iOS

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